Our motto is "Happy Tails & Happy Hearts"

Magha Maine coon kittens

Gentle, Healthy, Loving Maine Coons bred and raised as cherished family members

welcome Magha Maine coon kittens

We are Maine Coon hobbyist breeders with a small non-commercial in-home cattery. We are located in the USA Our Maine Coons hail from 10 generations of American lines.

If you are looking for a family member who will greet your guests at the door and want to interact with friends and family, this is the breed for you. Maine Coon Cats are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and companionship. They are sweet-tempered, patient, loving, and sensitive. They are not known for their ballet-like moves, more like a good quarterback! These gentle giants are known for their chirps and trills, and for their playfulness.

We raise all our kittens underfoot (and under the covers). They are members of our
family. Maine Coon cats and kittens are social, loving cats and thrive on interaction with
their humans. We don’t believe in cages or other types of isolation. The breeding males
have their own bedroom, right next to ours, the neuters and girls have the run of our

Why chose us?

Our goal is to breed the best example of the Maine Coon Cat. That means our kittens will express characteristics, physical features, and the personality of the breed. They are generally very large with substantial boning and beautifully patterned. They have well-furnished ears with lynx tips and tufts and long fluffy tails. We specialize in a variety of colors, browns, red, silver, blue all with or without white.

The health well being of all our cats is very important to us. We have DNA tested our cats for the gene that may cause HCM. All the cats in our breeding program are negative.

Our cats undergo a Color Doppler Cardiac Ultrasound from UGA AND/OR BLUE PEARL board-certified veterinary cardiologists, yearly. We use UC Davis Laboratory for all DNA testing. As new methods of testing become available they will be incorporated into our breeding program. No breeder can guarantee that a cat will not develop heart disease, but we are comfortable knowing that our breeding cats have normal healthy hearts.

Our reigning male, RW SGC MTNest J R of MaineVu, is a long tall boy who sits high on his legs, he has that prized square muzzle and strong chin, with tall perfectly placed ears and a direct open expression.

We do not sell Breeding Cats. Our kittens are companion cats and are raised to go to loving pet homes. Please note that we do not charge more for a male kitten or any particular color or pattern.